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Since 1981 Faucheux Services has been providing the oilfield industry with a diverse service line catering to the industries swamp, marsh and inland water needs. Our company recognizes this ever changing industry and answers with a continuous development and building of new equipment and ongoing educational / safety courses for our service employees.  Safety at Faucheux Services is a commitment to all of our customers when providing any and all of our services including but not limited to pipeline, environmental and disaster response, airboat rental, crew boat rental, and seismic drilling services.


The second generation of Faucheux's now operates Faucheux Services.  Derrick and Shaun Faucheux along with dedicated and highly trained employees, some with over 25 years of service with Faucheux Services, have sustained this company during the volatile ups and downs of the oilfield market, emerging with a dependable, knowledgeable and professional oilfield service company.

We invite you to explore our website to familiarize yourself with Faucheux Services.  Our commitment to provide our customers with an unparallel service experience from a trusted company dedicated to safety, innovation and quality is our priority at Faucheux Services.  To our existing customers Thank You for your continued confidence placed in us and to all potential customers we look forward to the opportunity to meet all of your oilfield service needs.